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M is for Money...

By Misslara16 @misslara
M is for money...
I am working on my first book, I'm sure I have mentioned it at some point. I am working on this book, its taking a lot of time and as you know this babe has to remain a first class student so, I am taking it really slow, taking my time to work on it.
 Lets cut to the chase.
working on this book has inspired me to do a segment on my blog where I write about different topics and tag them using the topics first letter. I really want to do this and I hope it works, this post's topic is an example.
The issue today is money and men, the question is, would you date a man that is has no money? Its always a confused ground for me I totally believe in love and at the same time I believe in wealth so the two has to go together (wow honest moment) Over the years, I have come to understand that its not all about the money; one should be capable of loving a man who has money and at the same time be able to love one who doesn't have any. I have also learnt that only girls who are shallow and vain make money a deal breaker I always say if a guy is capable of taking care of himself (no parasitic situation allowed) and he is capable of making money in the near future I say yea that's fine. What I will not have is a guy who is lazy and not driven! (he's not after anything and nothing is after him) I pray never to meet a man like that, Mediocre! So my stand point is this... although I believe strongly that a man I will be with should be financially stable, its not a deal breaker.
I want to know what you think, is money a deal breaker for you? would you be with a man you really love but cannot cater to you financially? I would like your honest opinion...

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