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Lynnderella: Nosegay

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
This was the only polish that I got from Lynnderella's 'Lovely is as Lovely does' collection. Its name caught my attention first and my inner child had a good laugh over it. It's a flower, I know, but it's still an amusing name nonetheless. ;) I had thought to get this another time (my wallet was already weeping over the other lynns) but the purple glitter called out to me so I grabbed it. And I'm really glad I did.
Lynnderella: Nosegay
Nosegay. Two coats over China Glaze Light as Air. A milky lavender polish with small and medium purple glitters and sprinkles of soft pink glitters to complete the sweet and demure look. Really pretty. I didn't expect to like this as much as I do. :L

Lynnderella: Nosegay

Look at the pretty shimmer too!

Lynnderella: Nosegay

Bottle shot of that milky glitter goodness <3

Here's the underwear polish that I used:- China Glaze Light as Air
Lynnderella: Nosegay

Soft pastel lilac with a hint of gray. Very pretty on its own too! I hardly buy pastel shades because they tend to make me look too tan in the sun and too ashy in the shade. But for some inexplicable reasons, I found myself craving pastels and soft nudes badly since the start of this year. To be more specific, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the soft shades from Zoya. There was just something about the brand, the bottle, the packaging... that caught my heart. It was driving me mad. But since Zoyas are relatively more expensive here and I couldn't bring myself to spend too much money, I settled for Light as Air to satisfy my lemming for Zoya Marley instead (there was a discount for CGs at that time!). One day... just one day... I will get meself some Zoyas. *pinky promise*
Anyway, it seems like I've picked a bad time for my mini Lynnderella series >.< I've thought about it and decided to go ahead with swatching the rest of the Lynnderellas I have since I'm already halfway done. Like I've said before, let's not venture into prickly topics and just admire polishes, shall we?
Just take note that Lynnderellas will no longer be available at Llarowe but will be sold by Lynnderella herself on eBay. I'm not sure about the details but you can check out her blog for more information.


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