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Lynnderella: Connect the Dots

By Thepolishwell @thepolishwell
I believe I hardly need to introduce today's Lynnderella. It's one of the most popular (and I dare say, iconic) polish from her line - and for good reasons too!
Lynnderella: Connect the Dots
Connect the Dots. One coat over China Glaze For Audrey (as usual, shake to loosen the glitters first). CtD is a mix of black and white hex (and some small square) glitters with a handful of bar glitters in a clear shimmery base.
This is simply genius. It looks dead simple but it packs tons of fun - we all did connect the dots when we were young, don't we? (Gotta admit that it is a pretty smart way to get kids to familiarize themselves with numbers) ;) The black and white combination gives it a very clean look. More importantly, they look great over almost any color. It looks fun over a bright color and even takes on a touch of class over nudes and greys (I love it over Misa Grey Matters!). It's the perfect glitter top coat that suits everyone - whether you like blues, pinks or greens! I don't even know why I didn't fall in love with it at first sight. I must have been out of my mind.

Lynnderella: Connect the Dots

Love the shimmer! <3

If you can't lay your hands on CtD, fret not! There are now several other combinations of black and white glitter to satisfy all our wants needs. You can head over to Chalkboard Nails for a useful (read: mindblowing / awesome) comparison post by Sarah. :d
Here's a pic of the underwear I chose for today's layering:- China Glaze For Audrey
Lynnderella: Connect the Dots

For Audrey. Two coats (just because I was clumsy with the application). A very pretty tiffany blue lookalike. It was one of the first China Glazes that I bought. Not quite my usual blue or purple but I bought it on impulse and, again, I'm glad I did. I find myself reaching for it very often for some strange reason. :L
What are the colors that unexpectedly caught your heart?

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