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Lynching Cain

Posted on the 02 November 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl
Herman Cain

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Obama sympathizer Politico has wrapped a noose around the neck of Presidential hopeful Herman Cain, and Democrats along with left-wing media are pulling up the slack in efforts to choke the life out of Cain’s campaign. Politico smeared Cain’s reputation via two 1996 claims of sexual harassment by former employees –one of the two accusers was reported to have been paid $35,000 in “hush” money.  First and foremost, American voters must ask: Why is this 1996 skeleton being ejected from its closet? It appears to be linked to rising support of Cain and his 999 economic plans –proving there are worries he could win the Republican nomination and defeat Obama. However, since the story broke Cain backers have showered him with support via campaign contributions of over $300,000.

Let’s first analyze what sexual harassment means and the thin line between a compliment and sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a matter of perception –period. What constitutes as harassment to one may be a compliment to another. If an employer/employee says “you look good today, that dress brings out the color of your eyes”, it could be taken as a compliment; however, the up-tight worker in the next cubical may perceive this as sexual harassment. Additionally, there are many documented cases of employees making false allegations against an authority figure simply because they are disgruntled. How can we be sure this is not the case in the Herman Cain incident? It is definitely a fact to consider before passing judgment upon Cain –leaving him to swing by Politico’s gallows.

Furthermore, the timing of this smear campaign against Cain is suspicious to say the least. It is obvious this attempt to ruin the reputation of Herman Cain was perpetrated out of the fear that Obama’s end is near; in addition too, a political/Politico gain. It was not until Cain soared to the top of the polls that fear-filled Obama sympathizers took drastic measures to extract this skeleton from Cain’s closet of the past. And, although Cain may have made some “rookie mistakes” while confronting these allegations, the fact remains he is confronting them –unlike the lying Bill Clinton when confronted with his cad-like behavior. This smear tactic depicts a frightened, insecure, unethical Democratic Party willing to go to any length to win –even at the peril of the American people and another’s reputation and marriage. As an American voter, I am personally tired of this type of behavior from all parties; what’s more, I ask those who are perfect to step forward and prove your excellence –because there is no such human.

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