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Love, Wrinkle-Free: Ageless Comedy

Posted on the 26 May 2012 by Haricharanpudipeddi @pudiharicharan
Love, Wrinkle-Free: Ageless Comedy

Movie: Love, Wrinkle-Free

Director: Sandeep Mohan

Rating: ***1/2

This weekend pack your bags, take out your car and set destination to Goa. Oh, I totally forgot, isn’t this the 2nd last weekend of the month and most of us are partially broke, right? Therefore if you can’t make it to Goa this weekend then I have a solution. Instead of actually taking a plane and flying to Goa, which of course is super expensive, get in to your car or auto and go to the nearest PVR to catch ‘Love, Wrinkle-Free, an ageless romantic comedy set in the picturesque backdrop of Goa.

LWF is the story about a family in Goa going through familial turmoil and its subsequent

Love, Wrinkle-Free: Ageless Comedy
consequences. Savio, a 38 yrs old husband of a 46 yr old religious wife Annie works for an innerwear company. The Not- -so-happening life of Savio is brought to a standstill when he learns about his wife’s unplanned pregnancy. To add fuel to the fire, Ruth their adopted daughter isn’t actually happy about the pregnancy either. And to top it all, Savio’s sensual photographer friend Natalie, wants him to do something ‘unique’ for her.

With a promising and uplifting plot the director lessens the probability of going down the drain or merely being treated as ‘just another film’ from an over enthusiastic filmmaker. The ensemble cast some of the best offbeat actors of the likes of Ash Chandler, Seema Rahmani, Shernaz Patel and many more have certainly delivered more than expected.

Love, Wrinkle-Free: Ageless Comedy
The gags in the film are not only humorous but intelligently written by director Sandeep Mohan to suit the context of the film. More importantly, Sandeep shows the most beautiful, magnificent side of Goa in a fitting story that most of us would’ve only heard of but seldom seen. Goa in films is always depicted as a web of wrongdoing such as drug-trafficking, mafia and flesh trade. However, here’s after a long time we get see Goa in a different frame that we all love.

There’s nothing spectacular about the plot but what makes this film tick and special in some way is its ability to connect with the audience. The title of the film is so apt to most of our lives; as most of us still deny the fact we’re getting older day by day. Cosmetic facelift may cleanse the wrinkles off your face but deep inside you’re still old. And most importantly, love has no age, time or region to blossom, it happens irrespective of anything in this world.

Sandeep intelligently brings forth the most troubling truth that most of us fail to accept. As you grow older, you’re responsibilities grow bigger and we should accept it and move on with our lives. Not often do people realize they’re growing older and try convincing themselves it’s not time yet.

Love, Wrinkle-Free: Ageless Comedy

Although blessed with a promising, entertaining plot, LWF goes little awry in the second half due to its stretched second half. Had only the director made it a little shorter, I’m sure everybody would’ve loved it? Needless to say, LWF is a gem in its own kind and definitely deserves to be embraced with arms wide open.

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