Love Is In The Hair

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Amogere14

 So I recently posted a blurry candid photo of my hair on my Facebook page and thought that I should update you all on my hair. The last time I made a post about my hair was about a year ago *smacks hand*.  Well, with uni and all, I was in protective styles (box braids) most of the year. At the moment my kinks and coils are free but I think I need to get braids installed because the cold air is quite drying on my hair. All the same, this would not be a natural hair post if I didn’t talk about my hair, how I style it and my regimen.

For starters, I don’t really have a hair regimen (shock and horror) because I prefer to ‘listen’ to it. Say, if it feels itchy or dry, I’ll follow up with a spritz of water and seal with an oil like extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO). Like at the moment I currently have a deep conditioning treatment of mayonnaise, aloe vera gel and olive oil in my hair. It was breaking *gasp* so a protein treatment was in order so as to strengthen my strands.  Below are the products (basics) for my hair:


I’m not really a product junkie (mostly because my budget doesn’t allow it) but I also try not to hoard products that I know that I might not end up using. However, the products above what I currently use and they work well for me. My favourites are the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), EVCO, the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner, and the Jamaican Black Castor Oil (JBCO) – which has greatly helped with my hair growth and thickening. It’s amazing! I recently purchased the crocodile clips to use when I’m washing my hair because with longer hair comes the need to part it into sections to prevent tangling when washing.

When washing I usually part my hair into 3 sections (2 at the front and 1 at the back of my head) and secure them with the crocodile clips. I then proceed to finger detangle and shampoo each section and rinse thoroughly before I apply my deep conditioner (DC) (which is based on how my hair feels at that time) and wrap it and continue with whatever I’m up to at that time. After a few hours I rinse out the DC, apply conditioner and finger detangle, rinse out and dry my hair with either an old tee or a cloth but I make sure to leave my hair damp and moisturise with either EVOO or EVCO.

When it comes to styling, I’m no guru but I am definitely open to trying out new hair styles. I choose to use Bantu knot-outs as my base for all my hairstyles as I feel as if twist-outs and braid-outs don’t look too good on my hair. I usually apply either EVCO or EVOO and fluff out my hair as desired and style it. Below are some styles I’ve worn the past few weeks:

This was last night's hair :-) Updo.

This was last night’s hair :-) Updo.

Free 'fro :-)

Free ‘fro :-)


Updo using a black headband and bobby pins

Updo using a black headband and bobby pins

Natural hair puff

Natural hair puff


Fluffed out 'fro with a black headband

Fluffed out ‘fro with a black headband

I’m yet to try out different hairstyles but I will definitely keep posting pictures of them as I do! Hope this post has inspired some of you on your (natural) hair journeys. :-)

Have a great first weekend of March!


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PS- Outfit post coming soon!

Love Is In The Hair

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