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Losing the Weight Slowly Prevents Loose Skin

Posted on the 15 March 2016 by Dave Nevue

It took you nine months to gain all that weight and the same time for your flat belly to grow to it's biggest size. Your skin had nine months to stretch and adjust to your body's new size and could grow little by little, which in many cases mean that your skin is handling the change in size just fine. But when the baby is out all we want is to lose the pregnancy weight really fast. That´s about everything we can dream about. I, for example, was completely obsessed with losing the weight, weighing myself every single morning. Luckily I didn't lose the weight super fast, I wasn't lucky then but now I understand that the slow process of losing weight actually helped my skin to shrink back and readjust to my smaller size. My skin could shrink little by little instead of going from huge to skinny in no time, leaving the skin loose and wrinkled around my belly and breasts. So don't panic if you aren't losing the weight as fast as you hoped for. Think of it as something good in terms of tight or loose skin and remember you don't know how your skin is going to look until you have actually lost the weight and are back at your normal size.

Good luck!

//Nicole Hellgren

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