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Lose Fat with These Foods in Your Diet

By Heybeautiful

Lose Fat with these Foods in Your Diet

Supriya Verma has been working out and maintaining a diet to lose fat. She has lost 20kgs and her diet is simple & cheap. Here she shares the diet which worked for her.

There are many foods high in nutrition value and very cheap too;

Eggs: Online grocery shopping sites sell it for 3-4 Rs. / piece.

Green Vegetables, Sweet Potato: Spinach which is high in minerals is cheap and very good for reducing fat. Sweet potato is full of vitamins and fiber. All green leafy vegetables are low in starch content too.

Whole wheat Dalia, Millets, Oatmeal: They are complex carbs which assist in fat reduction. Also, it is cheaper than other grains. Oats are rich in minerals and high in fiber.

Flaxseed: This is a super seed which not only assists to lose fat, but also very good for your heart. It lowers blood cholesterol level.

Lemon, Ginger, Mint, Cucumber: Combination of these 4 infused in water overnight works wonder on your body. It's a great way to detoxify. They all are cheap.

Yogurt, curd: It's a myth that to lose fat you must avoid dairy products. Yogurt is good for calcium and facilitates fat loss.

Green Tea: Replace it with sugary beverages and drink it twice a day. It reduces the stubborn belly fat.

All of the above along with 3-4 litres of water will do the magic on your body!

She does advise to consult a nutritionist for a best plan.

She says, "Guys, this is my diet and I train like a beast 7 days a week. I do strength training 6 days and 1 day cardio. I lift heavy so my diet is helping me lose weight consistently. Please plan your diet according to your workout routine."

You can follow her daily journey on Instagram along with her workout plan and healthy recipes. You can check her out at: Supriya Verma (@supriya.verma) * Instagram photos and videos

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Lose Fat with these Foods in Your Diet

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