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Lose Body Fat With Supersets

Posted on the 12 June 2013 by Dave Nevue

You do not have to spend hours in the gym to lose your body fat. If you plan your workout you can save time in the gym and have your body burning extra calories for up to 48 hours. Three strength training workouts should be in your weekly plan if you are serious about losing body fat. Lose fat with supersets and save time in the gym.

Forget about walking on the treadmill for sixty minutes and working out in the gym for another sixty minutes. You can get a great workout in thirty minutes if it is planned out correctly. One way of saving time in the gym is to incorporate supersets. Supersets are when you perform two exercises without a rest period in between each exercise. If your workout program is a full body workout you would want to superset agonist and antagonist muscle groups. For example you can superset chest and back, biceps and triceps and hamstrings and quadriceps.

Keep the workout going at a good pace and the calories will still be burning after your workout. Rest for no longer than 30 seconds between supersets. This will keep your heart rate up and you will be burning more calories throughout the workout. Resistance training has been shown to increase the metabolism by up to 16%. This means you will be burning more calories even at rest.

The key to this type of workout is to be prepared. Know what you are going to do for the entire workout. Know the weights that you will be using. If you are not prepared you will find yourself walking around for a couple of minutes trying to figure out what is next. Your heart rate will start to slow down.

Start your program with the larger muscle groups first. By the end of the workout you will be fatigued. You will not have the energy to get the most out of the exercises if you are working on the larger muscle groups last. Your goal should be to get the best workout you can in a short amount of time.

Keep in mind what you do outside of the gym is as important as what you do inside of the gym. If you workout hard and you are not eating and sleeping properly you will not see results.

Best of health and happiness,
Dave Nevue

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