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Lose 1.5 Kilos in a Week with This Miracle Juice

By Jeak @mylifeandheath

Weight gain is not always the result of an unhealthy lifestyle, it can also be caused by certain diseases. Hypothyroidism, in particular, is a disease which has a plurality of symptoms, including weight gain. People who suffer generally find difficulty in losing excess weight. Find out what natural juice that will help you improve the function of your thyroid to optimize weight loss.

Before understanding why hypothyroidism can cause weight gain, one must first know how the thyroid gland.

The thyroid produces thyroid hormones and plays a very important role in the body. It allows to control weight, regulate heartbeat, mood, digestion and body temperature. This body is involved in different processes and when its function is impaired, the body suffers. In hypothyroidism including several body functions are slowed. This disease corresponds to insufficient thyroid hormone production by the thyroid gland may manifest various symptoms including:

  • Lack of energy
  • Brittle nails
  • Hair loss
  • Weight gain
    Weight gain is one of the most distinct symptoms of hypothyroidism. When the thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones, supposed weight control and regulate basal metabolism, it slows down which naturally leads to the taking of kilos.

If you suffer from this disease and desperately looking to lose weight, we have the solution! We offer below a very efficient juice to improve the function of your thyroid and promote weight loss. This recipe will give you a good dose of energy, boost your metabolism and will strengthen your immune system. A cocktail of benefits!

  1. ingredients:
  • 1 cup cranberry juice
  • 3 teaspoons orange juice
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • Cinnamon ½ teaspoon
  • ¼ teaspoon ground ginger
  • ¼ teaspoon nutmeg coffee

Start by boiling two cups of water, then add all the ingredients except the orange juice. Let stand 20 minutes, then add the orange juice and a little honey to sweeten.
Drink this drink every day for a week.

Benefits of ingredients:
Cranberries are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids in particular. This fruit is effective in preventing cardiovascular disease, because it increases levels of good cholesterol and inhibits the oxidation of bad.

In addition, the cranberries are very beneficial to the thyroid gland. They contain large amounts of iodine (115 g provide 400 mcg of iodine), who plays the Fuel role of this body, it contributes to its functions.

Finally, cranberries, can be a good ally slimming. With their draining capacity, they help facilitate the removal of toxins and elimination of accumulated fat.

Ginger :
Present in almost all households, ginger is a cure for many ailments. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, used to treat colds, flu and relieve joint pain and digestive disorders.

By improving blood circulation, ginger also helps to promote the function of the thyroid and may be effective in treating hypothyroidism.

Attention ginger is not recommended for diabetics, pregnant and nursing women and persons suffering from blood diseases.

This tasty and rich in antioxidant spice, is indeed a mine of benefits to health. It aids digestion, control blood sugar, improves circulation and helps stimulate the function of the thyroid gland.

In addition, cinnamon is effective for weight loss due to its appetite suppressant and its ability to reduce cravings for snacking and help eliminate fat.

The Nutmeg :
Nutmeg has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory undeniable and is therefore very popular for relieving gastrointestinal disorders (nausea and bloating) and joint pain.

Nutmeg also brings many benefits to the thyroid and maintains its operation.

The lemon :
Essential food health lemon is the basis for any slimming drink. It is rich in fibers which increase the feeling of satiety, and vitamin C strengthens the immune system and boosts the metabolism to improve the process of burning fat.

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