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Looking For A Solution…

By Ingridd @cosytraveler

Lately, things have not been going very smoothly …

Our car for example. It had become frustrated. It had become sick and tired of the short distances we drove with it. It was longing for more…

Our electric coolbox. It had been sitting quietly in a corner of our apartment. It looked hopefully at us, every time we passed it. It looked sad when it realized that we didn’t use it anymore…

My iPod, camera and camera bag. Lying on the sofa next to me. Feeling useless. Just like our suitcase and our atlas.

And last but not least, Lars and I. On a physical level, we were doing fine. But not on a mental level. Feeling restless. A bit depressed. Yep, it was clear we had to look for a solution for all of us. A road trip!

Since we came back from our big summer trip, we haven’t done any road trips, only a couple of short excursions. The reasons were very simple. First of all, we needed some time to “mentally digest” everything we had experienced in July and August. And lots of time to edit the hundreds of pictures I had made during that period! And second, we needed to give our finances a bit of rest as well, since we had enjoyed life to the fullest during our summer trip. Maybe a bit too much


Anyway, Lars and I (and all the rest of our household) are ready again for new adventures on the road! Later today, we will be leaving for a long weekend in Freiburg in Germany. Moreover, in October we will make some excursions in Belgium and the north of France, capturing the beautiful autumn colors. Two long weekends in November will be spent in Denmark and during the Christmas vacation we will be in Germany again.

So you know what this means. The next 3 days you will see a light version of our blog, if we have an Internet connection at least. Otherwise, see you back on Monday!

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