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LOOKBOOK | Hello Levi

By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
LOOKBOOK | Hello Levi
LOOKBOOK | Hello LeviLOOKBOOK | Hello LeviLOOKBOOK | Hello LeviLOOKBOOK | Hello LeviLOOKBOOK | Hello LeviCamisole - ZARA   Jeans - eBay   Boots - ASOS    Rucksack - Primark   Shades - ASOS     Necklace - Primark 
Welcome back!.. First of all I would like to mention my steal of the week above... these Levi jeans for £1.99! Now I am not one of these people who bids like mad on eBay, in fact I actually kinda hate it. You lust of an item and when that 30s countdown begins, you think this item is finally yours then someone outbids you at the last second! I suppose its the spirit of bidding but I can not stand the anticipation. So when I saw these jeans I just randomly placed a bid knowing full well that they weren't going to be mine - but it must of been my lucky day because my bid won! (OK so I was the only bidder) Having opened the package they arrived in I was not keen in the slightest, the leg is far to wide for me and it just drowns my height. I wasn't going to let it phase me so I decided a rolled up hem and heels will do the trick. Although I am still not 100% you can still see the look I am trying to achieve  - these jeans have a long way to go before I am happy with them but being the seamstress I am, I'm pretty sure these will look even better with a little TLC on the machine. I can't wait to show you the final product. Leigh xx

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