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Long Hair and Following Your Heart

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

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Like most girls born in the 70′s, my hair was long when I was younger. At 9 it was down to my waist, and at 13 it was down below my bum. The strands were very thick and there was a lot of it. Then my Mom said “It’s too heavy, you have to cut it off”. I had no choice in the matter, but I forced a choice of style. She meant I should cut it to a bob, I came home with a longer, layered style. But it was still a lot shorter than I wanted, and it made the color look mousy brown.

When calling it heavy, I thought she meant the fact that I was almost braking my neck washing it. I later learned that she meant that it was laying too flat on my head. You can bet it didn’t make me friendlier towards her. We had our problems already because she wanted to control my style and everything else.

As I got older, my hair got shorter and shorter, ending up in a wide mohawk, and later in a very short style. After I moved out, I tried to grow it long on three separate occasions, always cutting it again because I got fed up with the effects of dyeing it too often.

Me from behind

I also listened way too much to other people’s opinions way too much. Now I see a lot of people saying you shouldn’t have long hair after 40, but I say f**k them, what do they know? I’m growing it long anyway. I’m deciding to go with my true self, what makes me feel good, instead of what others are telling me. This time I’m not dyeing it though


If I didn’t have enough hair, I would consider a shorter style. But I’ve got more than enough, and short doesn’t work. It grows too fast and looks like s**t. If I turn grey, it won’t matter. I’ve got a couple of grays as it is, but they’re at the back, so I can’t see them

Can you?

If you’ve been listening to what others are teling you you should wear, how you should act, speak and look, stop it! Get a feel for what YOU want! If you need some help figuring that out, get in touch. I’m more or less everywhere online




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