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Lohri Festivals

By Jaisonvincent @globlvisiontour
Lohri festivalsLohri Festival which is widely celebrated in the northern part of Indian Territory is an occasion where season of spring
is welcomed with generosity and munificence. The multi lateral dynamism of the festival is not just renowned for its festive occasion but the cultural hegemony that commemorates the deeds of Mother Nature inter-relates the interaction between human life and nature.
Lohri in Kashmir Since we understand that the festival is celebrated to mark an onset of spring season which in turn would complement the fertility of land the festival is manifested with huge enthusiasm where people of Jammu and Kashmir gathers in a single place and opines the tradition of the festival. The dawn of January is the month when vigorous people surrounds the streets and corner of Jammu with rejoice and calls for season of harvest by saying goodbye to the fury of winter. The sparkles of Lohri is not just limited to ceremonial practice but its vision and forfeit of future that marks an era of agriculture ushers the hope of local people. Fertility has been a core of land and that’s when the mark of springs comes into picture and to annul the periods of sterile the festival of Lohri is celebrated in Kashmir. How It Is Celebrated An occasion of Lohri that marks the entry of Sun God in the month of Makar Rashi is celebrated mainly during the dawn of night when people of every surroundings assembles at open space to light bonfire. The main offerings of the festival are sweets, puffed rice and popcorn which are fed to the flames in order to praise the glory of god. Although the festival around the different section of the state is marked by taking holy dip in celestial water bodies but in Kashmir the people performs Havans and Yagnas to celebrate the auspicious occasion. For children the festival is like Dusshera because they run to the house of their elders to ask gifts which is an innocent part of the fiesta. During the time of festival traveler are sure to witness the cultural diversity of Kashmir because the norms of tradition which are practice to mark the event cater the phenomenons of their cultural aspects. It is through the call of festival the people of Jammu and Kashmir shares mutual bond by forgiving accused and by forgetting the differences between each other and together sets the tone to share the course of humanity and brother hood.

Main Attraction of the Festival in Jammu

Although the city and its lights attributes the course of magnitude during the time of festival but the most outstanding remark of it is Chajja dance which is performed by young and energetic people. The most interesting part about Chajja is young guns gathers in and prepares it with color paper and flowers and marches down the street to celebrate the feet of Lohri Festival. Cultural Aspects Attributes of culture in terms of celebration is immense because its prominence that heralds the norms of tradition makes it inspiring beside that the traditional songs which are played or sung by the local people spreads an essence of their delight and enchantment.

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