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Living Wisely

By Caidiva @caidiva

Living Wisely

During one of my quiet times, I was telling God about my endless interests and the lack of time do everything. I want to be able to cook/bake all the receipes that I've collected, consistently blog, do makeup gigs, travel and live in so many places, learn photography, make arts and crafts, open different kinds of businesses, try different jobs, learn different things, be actively involved in a ministry, homeschool my child, etc..Seriously, I don't think this lifetime is enough to be able to do all these! I wish God didn't have to shorten the lifespan of man, it's way to short! Can you imagine living up to 969 years old like Methuselah? Para ka na ring IMORTAL! Plus, masusulit mo pa ang benefits ng senior citizen and not to mention the pension! Oh yeah!

Days have passed then God gave me an answer:

15 Be very careful, then, how you live-not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Ephisians 5:15-16


Living Wisely
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The impression of this verse on me was that I should not focus only on myself, my needs, and my wants as there are far better things.

Time and time again, God would remind me that living here on earth is "never about me." That I have been created by Him, for Him. And therefore, I should seek his will and be in agreement with his purpose.

That doesn't mean though that I can't do things that I like, of course I still can. But it's a matter of evaluating what is important.

We should always give careful thought to how we must spend our time wisely lest we get too caught up with daily life.

If you think you're focusing too much on yourself, ponder on these questions:

Do I take time each day to spend a quiet moment communing with God?

Do I create lasting memories with the special people in my life?

Do I love enough?

Do I care enough?

Do I give enough?

Do I share enough?

Do I show compassion?

Do I make useful to my family, church, workplace, community, country?

Am I making a difference?

Keep in mind that how we spend out time, manage our money and relationships, and even what we do with our gifts and talents should glorify GOD.

Thus, my prayer is this: that the Holy Spirit would lead me and help me make my life count for eternity.

Psalm 90

3 You bring people into this world,
and you change them into dust again.
4 To you, a thousand years is like yesterday,
like a few hours in the night.
5 Our life is like a dream that ends when morning comes.
We are like grass
6 that grows and looks so fresh in the morning,
but in the evening it is dry and dying.
7 Your anger could destroy us.
Your anger frightens us!
8 You know about all our sins.
You see every one of our secret sins.
9 Your anger can end our life.
Our lives fade away like a whisper.
10 We live about 70 years
or, if we are strong, 80 years.
But most of them are filled with hard work and pain.
Then, suddenly, the years are gone, and we fly away.
11 No one really knows the full power of your anger,
but our fear and respect for you is as great as your anger.
12 Teach us how short our lives are
so that we can become wise.

13 Lord, come back to us.
Be kind to your servants.
14 Fill us with your love every morning.
Let us be happy and enjoy our lives.
15 For years you have made life hard for us and have given us many troubles.
Now make us happy for just as long.
16 Let your servants see the wonderful things you can do for them.
And let their children see your glory.
17 Lord, our God, be kind to us.
Make everything we do successful.
Yes, make it all successful.

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