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Living Proof Animal Testing Policy

By Makeupguineapig @MakeUpGuineaPig
I feel like Living Proof is a brand that I never see mentioned in cruelty free circles. I have contacted them twice over the years about their animal testing policy and have no reason to believe that they are not cruelty free. Since there seems to be so little information about their testing policies (and their products are stinking fantastic!), I figure it’s well past time I share my findings with you!
Living Proof Animal Testing Policy
Here are the questions I asked back on 21 May 2014 (to the best of my knowledge, nothing has changed) and the answers I received from Living Proof:
         1) Do you, or any of your suppliers, conduct animal testing on either the raw ingredients or your finished products?         ANSWER: Living Proof does not test its finished products on animals. We do not ask our raw material suppliers to do so either.
         2) Are your products currently sold in countries like China where animal testing is required by law? If not, do you have any plans of entering these markets while current laws regarding animal testing are in place?          ANSWER: Living Proof is not selling products in China.
         3) Are any, or all, of your products Vegan (contain NO animal ingredients or by-products)?           ANSWER: Living Proof products are not vegan.
         4) Are you owned by a parent company? If so, who is your parent company and do they engage in animal testing?          ANSWER: Living Proof is not owned by a parent company.
Living Proof Animal Testing Policy
Given these answers, I consider Living Proof to be a cruelty free company! J Dancing for joy over here. J I absolutely love pretty much every product I have tried from Living Proof and plan to share another review of one of their products with you on Friday. Until then, I hope this has been helpful and let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Check out the Living Proof website for more info about the company and their products.

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