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Living Life at Its Best

By Sheril @bsheril

Every day we do the same work from morning to evening and rest of the day we will engage our self in some work .Is this life??? Something like machines. But Each and every one of us would have enjoyed our life in every stage. So which is the best part of life you like? Kid, Teen, Matured one or last days. I was wondering what could be the best moment at the last day .But something apart from this work will make us to feel happy for a moment that kind of feeling is different .While I was walking towards my home I saw an old man holding his grandchild hand and walking slowly. They way both enjoyed which was cute to see .I didn’t get this kind of chance when I was a kid .I really missed it. Does everyone get this opportunity? At least if not whenever you see incidents like this .Do note that how grand pas talks to that child .I m sure your heart will be pleased.

Best example is see the picture how that kid is enjoying …. So what do you think guys which is the best moment in your life ????

Living life at its best

Living life at its best

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