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Little Things That Can Improve Your Blog

By Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal
Little Things that can improve your blog
Hello blogaholics! I thought of sharing some little things with you that will be good for you if you want your blog to have an improved look. We happen to visit many blogs often that are very cluttered and we never wish to visit their's again, I know that's sad but we all love neat blogs that are reader friendly. Above picture shows you all those little things which are noticed at first sight when a new reader visits your blog. These things are really easy to work on and they matter a lot.
1. Spacings:
Very important! You must have the best adjusted spaces around your blog. A lot of spacing at one side and a cluttered content at the other side never matches it all. Be sure that your header, footer, outer wrapper, post wrapper, sidebar wrapper etc. are very well adjusted.
2. Light Background:
Do you think I wear goggles? No I don't and I really don't want to! It would be great to visit a blog that has a very light background. It can be just a solid color or a light coloured pattern would look lovely too.
3. Navigations:
Readers don't like to scroll over the blog for each and every content and your blog pages. They actually don't know what your blog has got for their attention until you have an easy navigation right at the front of your blog.
4. Tagline:
You are creative! Admit it! You know what you have in your blog so do this now! It doesn't matter if you don't want a tagline but I personally love to read other blogs' taglines.
5. Same Width for Photos:
This is absolutely great if you are already following it but if not then start working on it.
6. Search:
Readers might want to look for something in your blog, let them do this, provide a search bar. I have seen many blogs, I like them a lot but I find there no search bar.
7. Social Media:
Give your readers some ways to contact you. Your social media links will help you both very much.

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