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Little Indulgences For Under £5

By Sarahhhp @SarahhhP

Little Indulgences For Under £5Little Indulgences For Under £5
What with my move to London coming up, I've been doing my best to put what spare cash I get aside lately. Sometimes though there's nothing for it but to shop, and in this case the way I've managed to avoid splurging has been to pick up small bits little and often in order to "satisfy the urge" so to speak!
If you saw my post the other day about the £1.99 Essie polishes available at Fragrance Direct, you'll have seen that I picked up a couple of new shades; "Ladylike" and "Power Clutch". I don't really own to many neutral colours when it comes to nail polish, and so these two have both made welcome additions to my collection.
I also put in an order on Feel Unique for a couple of little things at the same time as I bought the polish - my favorite turning out to be this Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It smells delish and does a great job of moisturising any dry skin around the edges of your nails - something I often suffer with. If I remember rightly, I was convinced to try this after seeing the lovely Sophia over at Tattooed Tea lady mention it a couple of times saying how she uses it in her nail-care routine - so I thought I'd give it a try in an attempt to get nails as fabulous as hers!
Finally, I popped into town today and picked up a few bits. First off, I nipped into Superdrug and purchased my first Collection "Lasting Perfection" concealer. It's something I've wanted to try for ages what with all the hype surrounding it in the blogosphere, and so I'm really looking forward to giving it a go. 
My favorite purchases though, have to be these two teeny tiny necklaces I found in Primark. They're so delicate, make a nice change from the chunky necklaces I like to wear, and at just £1.50 each I just couldn't resist :) They have so many cute pieces of jewelry in stock at the moment, I really recommend everyone go take a look!
What little indulgence would you all invest in if you only had £5 to spend? I'd be really interested to know!Little Indulgences For Under £5

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