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1. The other day at dinner, my family and I got in a convo about modern day manners, especially pertaining to iPhones at the dinner table. Is it still considered rude, or is it just a part of our generation? Check out Refinery 29′s latest post, Modern Manners: The New Rules for Life, for the answer (plus much more).

2. I am all about funky nail art, yet the jury is still out on the latest trend- cuticle tattoos. Not gonna lie, they kind of look cool… just don’t know if I’d rock them. Thoughts? If you’re into it, you can get your very own cuticle tats here (only $6).

3. Is Fashion Blogging Broken? Unfortunately, fashion bloggers are a ton of small fish in a very big pond- so it’s important to stand out. Check out this IFB article to find out the biggest issues that are “breaking” the world of fashion blogging, as well as tips on how to keep things fresh.

4. I am a collector of fonts/brushes/design elements for Photoshop. Big into graphic design these days. Pugly Pixel is a great resource for tons of fab PS freebies.

5. Favorite blog of the moment- Love Aesthetics. The babe behind the blog, Ivania Carpio, is a huge fan of the color white- and I love it. From her clothes to her DIY projects, she keeps it cool and simple with neutral colors only, various metals, and lucite. I’m all about it. Her style may be unconventional, but it’s incredibly chic.

6. Loving the fact that Kate Middleton’s leaving-the-hospital-frock by Jenny Packham was such a hit it made the clothing brands whole website shut down. Talk about good marketing for miss Packham.

7. There is quite a bit of controversy over Miley Cyrus’ new music vid for We Can’t Stop, and I can 100% see why. It’s raunchy, blatantly talks about her doing Molly (i.e. ecstasy), and just doesn’t make sense. She should just stick to twerking in a unicorn suit. Priceless.

8. Being that I am borderline obsessed with chocolate pudding, I am dying to make this vegan chocolate mousse courtesy of the oh-so-amaze Lookbook Cookbook.

9. Skin irritated from the summer sun? Craft up some of Lauren Conrad’s go-to wheatgrass ice cubes. Rub them on your face, and immediately you will feel the calming effects.

10. Obsessed with increasing your Instagram followers number? Check out this article for 5 tips to help your Insty pics go viral.


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