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Lindsay Graham, Gay Republican

Posted on the 22 November 2013 by Calvinthedog

Lindsay Graham is a hard rightwing Republican senator from South Carolina. He is about as rightwing as a politician gets. Problem is that he is also something else – gay.

When you want to learn who is gay and who isn’t, you need to go to the gay community, preferably the local gay community. The gay community does tend to know who is gay and who isn’t. Contrarians say that the gay community lies about such things, but I have never heard of a case. If you’re not not gay, don’t screw the same sex and don’t hang out in gay bars, there is no way that the gay community is going to spread lies about you being gay.

Although a lot of morons have insisted that I am gay down through the years, I would look around for some evidence. If someone is gay, you can usually find lovers or sex partners. So where are all these guys claiming that they have had sex with Robert Lindsay? Well, there are none because they don’t exist! The gay community isn’t going to make up lies about me. They don’t lie about people. But when prominent closeted gays keep insisting that they are straight while the gay community keeps seeing their same sex lovers and keeps seeing them in gay bars, the gay community tends to start talking.

There is indeed a gay community in South Carolina, believe it or not. They are rather discreet of course given the nature of the state. But the SC gay community has long insisted that Lindsay Graham is gay. It’s a fact so well known in the local community that it’s not even considered to be news. People who have looked into the issue have noticed that he is in his 50′s and has never married. This is also true of me and other straights, so it’s not definitive. However, all of Graham’s friends are men. 100% of his social circle are males, and it’s been that way for some time now.

All in all, the evidence seems to be excellent that Lindsay Graham is indeed a deeply closeted gay man.

Too bad more people don’t know this…

Looking for the evidence? Google “Lindsay Graham gay” and there you have it.

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