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Limoncello!!! It's That Good!

By Vickilane

oniLimoncello!!! It's That Good!
A few weeks back I talked about the Italian cooking class I attended HERE  and I mentioned the homemade limoncello our teacher offered us.
It was so delicious that of course I had to try making some.  My first batch was from one of the many recipes on line and involved grating the rind of many organic lemons, making a simple sugar syrup, adding vodka, and letting it sit for a number of days. (I also made a batch using the rind of organic calamondins --  good but I still prefer the lemon.)  The number of days the mixture steeps varies with the recipe but I found it tasted quite good after only three days and we finished the batch off at two weeks so I can't say how much better it might have been with a longer wait.
Limoncello!!! It's That Good!
Then in perusing the recipes on line, I saw a batch made with sliced lemons. It looked so pretty that I decided to give that method a try. I sliced three lemons, put the slices in a quart jar, dumped in not quite a quarter cup of sugar and filled the jar with vodka. Well. It tasted good the next day and last night (three days later), with friends and family to dinner, we finished that batch. Limoncello is a digestif -- a nice little something to accompany coffee and dessert. This particular incarnation was bright and only slightly sweet -- a kind of adult lemonade. I've never been a fan of after dinner liqueurs -- they all seem way too syrupy sweet to me.  But limoncello served ice cold -- ahhhh!  Refreshing, not cloying. Time to make some more . . .
Limoncello!!! It's That Good!

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