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♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥

By Lipglossaffairs @justsangy
You know am a shop-a-holic and i can never resist a pretty thing without getting my hands on. For quite sometime i have been kinda stalking LimeRoad almost everyday checking out stuff. I dont wait to buy till i need it, i often stock products only finding reasons to wear them out!! Well that's ME :)So lately i have been little Bag crazy over here and when i found this pretty pink tote i had to get it. I might be going on vacation soon and i needed something large and tote-y kinda thing to get my all stuff fit. I carry way too much when on vacation, i don't like to change things merely because am in a holiday mood. And besides being a mom to a 5 yr old boy doesn't help either. From tissues(mine is a cleanliness brat) to snacks(esp Oreos) and a toy or two, i need to carry all for him. And being ME i have my own stuff i need wherever i go. So large one was the idea. And here's what i got ~
Tote in Pink from Alessia, LimeRoad♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥♥ LimeRoad Haul ♥
Am very pleased with my purchase and the only regret (not really) is i have another site in my shopping list which am gonna stalk daily!! Best Things show up when you least want, so i prefer to be ready always :)
So what have you bought lately from LimeRoad? Do you like Totes?
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♥ Sangy
P.s ~ I was provided with LR Credit to shop with them, my opinion is honest as always!!

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