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Lije of the Agons

By Biolaephesus60 @biolaephesus
The dust settled like a thick mantle over the cavalcade as it went
through the pass. Her cloak a shimmering green with flashes of gold billowed gently in the light breeze. Deep sea green eyes looked calmly at the horizon and hands lightly resting on the golden brown horse Princess Numen rode ahead of a long line of knights They were visiting a small tribal kingdom deep in the desert. She saw the first outlines in
the distance and turned to look at her vizier,”what is the name of this place?”
He gave her a bow and a smile and said in soft tones. “It is called, Agon your highness and the name of the leader is Lije.”
She stopped and looked round her surroundings. The settlement was lush
green and stark contrast to the surrounding. She was impressed. One of
the misty ones came over and smiled a greeting to her.
“Greetings Your highness”
“Love and peace to you”, she replied cheerfully.
The Vizier seeing her threads emanating around in gold strands knew
she was having a conversation so he moved a step behind, signalling
to the knights to move back a bit.
“So what is your own name?”
“I am Dawn Rose, I work with the dew Your Highness and we want to
escort you to Lije”
She smiled, “I see you like him, he is a good worker right”
“Yes Princess of the Rose Island , Lije is a good worker and he puts
his faith in the elements and gets their cooperation”.
Someone laughed and stepped out from the throng of the misty ones, his
wings were tipped blue green. His eyes were the exact shades of his
wings and they danced with mirth.
Princess saw this and saw his threads were really bright around him.
He exuded sheer merriment. Princess Numen recognized him
“Hmmm… I see you are here too Kajoe”
“Yes my Princess I am”
“Lije is lucky, hope he knows that”
Kajoe laughed, “he thinks I am the one who is lucky”
Princess laughed.
Her entourage moved protectively round her as they closed the short
entrance to the settlement and Princess sighed in pleasure as she saw
the streams, the flowers and the complete peace of the surrounding. It
made the journey worthwhile for her. A tall clear faced one came on a
brown gold horse and stopped inches from her face. He had clean
features, brown gold hair almost like his horse and very beautiful
hands. He sat effortlessly and gracefully on his horse. When the horse
stopped he swung long legs over and came down. He had confidence and
strength stamped all over him. Princess who had watched his entrance
was amused and kept quiet. She also pulled a veil over her
He stepped forward but did not bow. He just walked up.
“Welcome Princess, I am Lije”, he said and placed his hands on the mane of her
horse. His eyes laughed at his own impertinence just as Vizier rode up
and sharply rebuked him.
She got down, ignored him and her vizier and entered through the
entrance. The bells announcing the end of day started, in the distance she saw workers moving away from the fields and all moved towards the camp that seemed stretched out in long lines. She followed the direction of the women and entered the camp followed closely by her attendants.
A hive of activity seemed to be going on and Lije stepped forward, with a small
gleam of merriment dancing in his eyes asked if he could show her around . She smiled and he grinned then not waiting for her reply went ahead to open the door to his reception room. Princess was expecting to find lots of people but it was empty except for a young knight dressed in colours of purple and gray who stood stiffly at attention
by a throne. There were flowers in jade vases everywhere and a small jar of water was placed in the center of the room. A young maid emerged silently from the inner room and went next to the throne where a small carafe stood placed on a low table made of cowries. The cowries gleamed brilliantly. It drew the attention of the princess for it
carried her insignia, six cowries in a semi circle with the seventh cowrie in the centre, and a waterfall over the cowries.
“Hmm.. nice welcome”, Princess commented. Everywhere was spruce and clean and that was no mean feat for people who lived out in the outer regions so she was impressed. Lije had managed to create a small canal of water that went round everywhere and had even rigged up connecting bridges using young samplings. Everybody she met simply bowed very low but were not effusive. Princess felt she was at home. She turned to Lije who had followed her round showing her things “Now tell me about how you managed to get water here in the desert and why you appealed for help. I can see that you are quite capable managing this oasis all on your own”.
Lije pointed to the young knight who had joined the entourage and his voice went serious as he supplicated that the Princess should permit the young knight to enter
her service. Princess considered the young one who stood stiffly at attention at the mention staring ahead. She saw his glowing threads and his misty friends as
well and she saw him through the journeys and sent up a silent prayer for guidance. Colours suddenly suffused her face, in bands of pink, blue and lilac. The young one suddenly trembled and princess gently touched his arm. She spoke softly to him asking him why he wanted to incarnate again on earth.
“You suffered the last time you were there and I see that you want to visit a race that still has a lot to learn about people like us Ndana”
He looked at her and she saw his heart, his longing to serve and joyous songs left her heart in response to him. She was pleased that he could touch her thoughts so quickly so she gave him permission. She was humble and bowed her head simply in acceptance. She looked deep into his eyes and smiled.
“Ndana, we all jointly serve Him and learn from his creation all that we can
for we would have to weave cleaner threads to ensure our ascent, I am
a simple priestess of the Rose and one day if I am favoured, may learn enough and serve through permission to walk the lowest regions of the islands of the Rose again”
She gave Lije a smile and turned towards the tents and the wide paths of flowers that had been tended, she inclined her head gracefully “Lije of the Agon, let me meet your people and see in what way we may serve them”
The walk round the settlement was interesting in many respects.
Princess was amused to learn that Lije kept himself amused with the habit of wandering off into the dunes and sit under the stars. He explained that he wanted to see if there was a particular star he could identify and make his own. Then there were his women. A
veritable harem Princess thought. She noticed one particular slim beautiful one who wore anger in bright red cloaks around her. Princess Numen was startled at that odd color for it tainted the soft hues of pink that surrounded her like an under garment. She was puzzled by that color because she remembered seeing it when she went to the lower regions. She had asked the woman her name and got a very terse
reply; “Jasmine”.
That was when I smiled, Jasmine, fragrant, exotic with the scent of long summer passions left to ferment in careless rejection. Jasmine and nodded to myself. I knew Lije had unfinished business with her, he also needed to learn some lessons too. I watched the twining threads and sent a prayer that I may sometime soon be permitted to help them.
When I returned to the palace it was to be informed that Her Highness the Queen was being expected. I had seen the bursts of light and the song of the waterfalls when we moved near. I had also seen the look on the face of vizier as he spoke to his horse that we needed to get home quickly. So I replied the songs that I will be home presently as my heart lifted in songs too. Happiness rode along too her golden bright hair flowing in the wind just like her mantle too. The Misty ones too seemed intent on a race all their own. As we neared home we saw the golden cloud of light over the palace. Queen was already in residence so I quickly moved to the back entrance. I walked quickly along the halls, each entrance was guarded by two guards with swords across the entrance but since we knew each other they moved away slightly lowering their swords in silent acknowledgement of permission to move along these hall as I made a quick way to the highest room in the palace. MayRose was already waiting and she gave me a smile nodding quietly in the direction of the lights. We sat peacefully waiting for her presence. In that quiet solitude I looked out the window and saw some humans arriving. They were mostly children. I saw some of the baby guardians walking up to meet each arriving child, wrapping them gently in loving arms and taking them to the nursery where they will need to sleep to heal from the trauma of their journey. I also remembered my own return from some really interesting trips as well.

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