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Lifestyle: October Favourites

By Ninegrandstudent

I’m finding it quite scary how quickly the last month has gone – I’m now very nearly halfway through my university term which is terrifying!

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Being in final year means it’s all very exhausting. Not only do I have a tonne of work, but I’m also drowning in graduate applications. I’m finding balancing applications and university work a little tough, and coupled with being really rather ill I’m struggling to fit everything in. It may be that posts become a little less regular over the next few weeks. I missed a Tuesday post yesterday and I feel absolutely gutted if I’m honest…It’s not exactly something I want to do, but it won’t be forever!

And for now, onto the bits I’ve loved this month…

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Getting My Bake On

Being ill is the perfect excuse to bake. Not that I need an excuse at all. This month I’ve been working on perfectly a mug cake recipe, and I’ve also made some very addictive Malteaser Tiffin…


Geeky I know, but I’ve really loved getting back into the swing of lectures, maths and learning. I’d forgotten a lot of bits over my year out, but it’s slowly coming back to me. I’d also forgotten about the rush you get when you solve a problem – it’s the little things that make it all worthwhile.

 photo 2015-10-29 22.08.26_zpsia0oazyl.jpg
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I’ve never been a huge fan of Halloween, but these year my housemates and I decided to go all out. Plans fell a little flat thanks to my illness, however I still got dressed up as much as possible. My eyes aren’t thanking me for it, my friend’s all look far more fabulous, but it was a good night anyway. We also carved pumpkins – myself bringing my love of maths and pie into it of course!

Lifestyle: October Favourites

Being back in Canterbury brings one big benefit – Pork & Co. It opened towards the end of my second year and offers hug cobs filled with pulled pork, along with a sauce and topping of your choice. For £5. I’m far too used to London prices so for me this is a great bargain.

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 photo 2015-10-04 18.04.34_zps4tojrrny.jpg
 photo 2015-10-04 14.19.41_zpsbqwkz2tn.jpg

American Football

Way back at the beginning of the month me and W (along with our lovely friend Rob) went to Wembley to watch some of the International Series. In fact it was so early in the month I think I included it in September’s Favourites too! An utterly fabulous day out, though I do admit to being confused about what was actually going on. Turns out no one told me that tackling is allowed when players don’t have the ball, so as a rugby fan I struggled to follow!

Other than that my month has consisted of interviews, an awards dinner with W (best mark in his year at university – so proud!), and getting through what feels like a hundred boxes of tissues…

How was your October? Hope you haven’t had this horrible flu virus!

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