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Lifestyle: I Have Some Confessions to Make

By Ninegrandstudent

In celebration of National Confession Day, I’ve teamed up with Alpharooms and confessed probably some of my most embarrassing holiday moments ever. I’m sure my parents will contest whether it was actually the most embarrassing, as they witnessed both my first time eating ice-cream (I bit the bottom off the cone) and my first time getting drunk (equally as unattractive, so I hear). Either way, it comes pretty close!

 photo Copy of Feb 2016 Favourites_zpsobhur1sx.jpg
I thought rather than cement my embarrassment over that particular holiday, I’d confess some other bits and pieces. Fashion fails, moments of stupidity, all that kind of thing. Prepare to find out about the real (and inner blonde) me…

Beauty Confession: I once wore (fluorescent) pink eyeshadow

I’m sure that on some people, this could probably be a good look. A bright (dyed) blonde, very pale, blue-eyed girl just could’t pull this off. Especially when it as the only makeup I wore. Not even a swipe of mascara to break it up a bit. I’ve got nothing against some carefully blended rose-gold tones, I’m a huge lover of the Naked 3 colours, but trust me, this was far more scary than subtle.

 photo University Goals5_zpswugbxweb.jpg
 photo University Goals1_zpshqpr5t5r.jpg

Stupidity Confession: Licking stamps

For some reason I missed the memo that stamps are already sticky. I announced at a family dinner (it was related to the conversation, though for the life of me I can’t remember how) that I hated the taste of stamps. Que a big awkward silence. W hasn’t let me live it down yet.

Studying Confession: Leaving coursework on a plane

Almost as believable as “the dog ate my homework” (actually, that DID happen to me in primary school, the little sod chewed straight through my bookbag!). I’d been flying back from a half-term break in Turkey, and with an English deadline the following week I’d been writing up my essay on the plane. It was only when I got to school on the Monday that I realised both the neatly scripted essay and all the notes/rough copies never made it from the table (folded away due to sudden turbulence) into my bag. I’ve never had to rush a piece of coursework so badly since. I’ve also never felt quite the same way about An Inspector Calls…

Fashion Confession: I wore cord

And not the cute cord pinafore and skirts I own now. Not well accessorized with baggy jumpers and satchels. Nope, I wore brown cord bootleg ‘jeans.’ With hoodies. I’m slowly finding and destroying all photo evidence.

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Do you have anything you want to confess? What was your ultimate embarrassing holiday moment?

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