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Life Update

By Thecurlycasualista @curlycasualista
Life Update Well. Hey there, guys. Sorry for the long absence. I hate leaving you guys for any long period of time, but there have been some big changes happening in Curly land that required my full attention. And so, blogging fell by the wayside. I was hoping to be back in the game by this point, but it's taking me a bit longer than expected to find my footing, so bear with me as posting may be spotty! But, since things have settled just a bit, I figured I'd stop by this corner of the internet and give y'all an update!
1) First up, I got a new job! I've been job hunting for years. Literally. So I am so excited that I finally got a new position doing something I absolutely love. And so far, it's been really great! But, 
2) Said job is in St. Louis! So, I've spent the past month packing up my life, saying goodbye to my wonderful friends in DC, and schlepping everything 900 miles west to the middle of the country. Thus, no blogging. 
3) Moving that far, when you have more than a few suitcases of clothing, is hard. Moving to a completely new place where you know absolutely no one is even harder. So there's been something of an adjustment period as I get settled at work, get settled in my apartment (buy furniture...) and just generally figure out life. But, so far so good. People in St. Louis are really nice (stereotypes about the midwest do not lie). The weather was absolute crap the first week I was here, and my mood is directly tied to the weather, so I was miserable. But things have perked up, and I've been able to do some exploring of St. Louis and the surrounding area. So far so good!
So what do all these changes mean for the blog? Hopefully not much! I'll still be getting dressed everyday, and am already figuring out how to work outfit photos into my daily schedule. My dress code has changed a little bit (business casual, with an emphasis on casual), so it's going to be a lot of experimenting with the clothes I own to make them 100% work appropriate! But, I'm excited for the challenge and eager to share some new looks with you!
And, dear readers, if anyone is in the St. Louis area, shoot me an email! I'd love to meet you :)

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