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Liebster Awards | Devon

By Littlefashionthoughts
Liebster Awards | Devon
The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 200 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about yourselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people and find some blogs that they want to follow."
Recently, over this past week our blog has been tagged in two Liebster Award tags, we were tagged by Isabella and Elise. Both different questions, also slightly different rules. I have chosen to do these in different posts because halfway through writing this I realised it was far too long for one post. I will add my questions and tag bloggers on the second lot of questions I will answer. 
  1. My favorite thing to do is write; just write and write, I could do it forever. I prefer to write fiction or poems rather than something factual or an essay, of course, but I often write reviews on films something I can give my personal opinion on, but stories are my favorite.
  2. In 2012 I watched a film every single day of the year as a bet with friends, I won. It was exhausting, I know this sounds stupid saying watching a film everyday of the year was exhausting, however, I really set it for the wrong year for when I was watching films I should have been revising for my final GCSE's.
  3. My favorite films are; Beauty and the Beast {this has been my favorite film since I was about two?}, The Breakfast Club, Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Trek, A Walk To Remember and Australia. I do have hundreds of films that I love, however, these are my favourites.
  4. John Hughes is my favorite director and screen writer, John Green is my favorite author, these are both also kinda my idols. 
  5. Still, to this day, I really want to be either a pirate, secret agent, mutant, mermaid, superhero. Lately, I have been wanting to be a pirate more than any of them, but I'm kinda wanting to be a secret agent right now.
  6. I have the biggest crush on Chris Pine and I will probably cry about seven times a day because I won't marry this man, fifteen years age gap is nothing, nothing at all. I also have a big crush on Hugh Jackman, I have no shame about the twenty six years age gap either.
  7. I probably watch every American TV show, my favorite ever TV show was One Tree Hill, however, I wasn't thrilled with season seven to nine after Peyton and Lucas left as for me they were my all time favourites. I also love Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars {although it really annoys the crap out of me lately, Ezra man, come on, I still trust you.}, American Horror Story, The Carrie Diaries, Once Upon A Time {I used to love this show, but now I think it's shocking, when they killed off August and made him eight again, I was done.}. The only two British TV shows that I love—that have both finished and both ended in a lead dying—were Merlin and Robin Hood.
  8. My favorite era is the eighties, I am so envious of my parents for being teenagers in the eighties.
  9. I am such a fan of Marvel and Star Trek. Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness are honestly the greatest ever films that are so incredible, I cannot even get into it because I will literally burst with a report on why I love these films. I love Marvel, the X-Men and the Avengers, I do prefer X-Men, though, I think I've loved it for so long.
  10. I literally only wear the color black and my parents go mental at me for it...
  11. If I continue with fashion I want to become a wardrobe stylist, if that all fails I would love to be a writer.
Questions by Isabella:
  1. Paris, London or New York?I've actually only been to London, but we're going to France next year, but not Paris. And everyone wants to go to New York and it's just such a fascinating place. But for me, I'd love to go to Paris. 
  2. Favourite high-end and drugstore makeup brands?I honestly do not buy high-end makeup, purely because I cannot afford it, being a student in college I have other things I have to buy and I haven't got a job either, so I'm ruling out that. But, dugstore makeup, Rimmel London all the way, I love it!
  3. Mascara or lipstick?A year ago I would have said Mascara but I love my lipsticks lately, I just adore them. They just can change your look completely. I have quite dark eyelashes anyway, but they are quite short, but if I was to pick either it would be lipstick.
  4. Favourite Disney film?EASY. My favorite ever film is a Disney film and has been since I was about two, Beauty and the Beast. Hands down. Every time.
  5. Dream job?Either an author or a wardrobe stylist—a wardrobe stylist if you don't know what it is, because I didn't know it was classed as 'wardrobe' stylist, it's just basically a costume designer
  6. Favourite sweet treat?I'm going with chocolate fudge cake.
  7. Favourite childhood memory?I'm trying to think of one, but I can't, I loved so many moments of my childhood, I really loved it so much. I really loved when my family; mum, dad, and my younger brother Daniel, and family friends would go to this theme park called American Adventure that unfortunately ended up closing, we always used to go and I have so many memories from that place. 
  8. What's your signature scent?I don't actually have a signature scent, I wear such different ones!
  9. If you had a makeup/fashion line what would you call it?Oh, on the spot... Maquillage. It's French for makeup. 
  10. Favourite season?I love autumn and winter, I dislike summer, but I do like spring.
  11. Who inspires you?I've never liked answering this question, with anything really, no one exactly inspires me. I think we've gotta inspire ourselves. But if I'm choosing, John Green or John Hughes
Thank you for your lovely questions, Isabella! I will answer Elise's very soon and also add my own and tag some fellow bloggers!

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