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Libyans Are on the Right Way to Democracy (?)

Posted on the 22 August 2011 by Nima Ch. (dustandtrash) @dustandtrash
At least this report made me hopeful, that Libyan rebels are on the right way to democracy, that they are not installing one dictatorship instead of Gaddafi's:
Rebel spokesman Mahmoud Shammam promises that Gaddafi will not be harmed and that the rebels want to see him stand trial in Libya. He tells Sky News:
"We're not going to put (supporters of the regime) on trial, we're going to tell them they are Libyan, they are our brothers and sisters and we are going to ask them to join the revolution. We're going to build a state where everyone can get a good education, etc etc.
There are many rumours about (Gadaffi's) location. We're going to guarantee his safety and the safety of his family. We want to see him be tried in Libya and not in any other place in the world. We're establishing a state of law and we would like to see him in the court."
Asked about reports that looters are moving into the Rixos hotel in Tripoli, he says:
"It's very hard to control the people and this emotion but we're asking them... not to take revenge. We're doing every possible thing but after 42 years of dictatorship, people have the right to carry out their emotion. But we would like to tell them to control that emotion and don't be against law and order."


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