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Libertarian Project: The Great Con on Honduras.

Posted on the 28 January 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Why does the Hispanic community throughout the world have such a privately held disdain towards American governments? I'm 67yrs old...and it goes back to my parents and to some my grandparents! Latinos don't hate, despise, or dislike Americans...never fact, they've always found many common grounds with American Society. The problem is not the's the constant problem of a Foreign Power's continuous meddling in another sovereign state's affairs...whether directly through the government or indirectly through private industry.
Why are Americans looked down upon in Central and South America? Why did Nixon get spit at in Venezuela in the 50s? why did "Yankee Go Home" become a symbol of resistance throughout Latin America? Let's start way back in 1823, when the "Monroe Doctrine" stated; "Further efforts by European Nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention". "US Intervention"...the keywords!! The United States, on their own, decided to become the "protector" for all those countries...whether or not those countries wanted any protection. Then came "Manifest Destiny" ...because it's our destiny as a nation to expand throughout the Americas..."Eminent Domain" how did other countries feel about that? the American public just turns their back as if it never existed. And for our Cuban audience, drumroll, please!..."The Platt Amendment"!! This little document allowed the US to have total control of who runs the country, and how the country should run...with a Government, acceptable by the United States. If not acceptable, the US had the right to "intervene" any time they wanted. Eventually, pressure succumbed and Cuba got their own Constitution and free elections...but $$$ certainly corrupts...and puppet governments and corruption remained the fashion till Jan.1st 1959.
Ironically, what got Attorney Fidel Castro into his journey in life, was his frustration working within a governmental system that weighed heavy on American "public" and "private" influence, money, and organized corruption...while ignoring its population. It was his lifelong battle...his writings, his speeches ever since the mid-thirties...the hatred of the Platt Amendment!!
And for those who will immediately shout out loud..."He's been a Communist all his life"! The Cuban Communist Party didn't trust him and didn't even give him their official support or monetary funds, till around a month before the end of the war. And if the Washington Senators would've kept another pitcher on the roster?...who knows how we would be looking at him, today?
Do "Banana Republics" still exist in the 21st Century?; "The American Fruit Company" aka CIA...their efforts into buying Governments, buying the Militaries...controlling a country's way of life, to fit their personal need! All in the name of $$ and influence. Are those days totally over?...or has it been funneled to the private sector? Either way, they're all making money out of all these peasants.
A Libertarian Project? A Libertarian spelled "John Birch" would be more correct! What the hell is Grover Nordquist? a former speechwriter for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr.? a senior member of the Cato Institute "Think Tank"? and Ronald Reagan's son Michael?? well as a Danish banker, a Peruvian economist, and an Austrian general secretary of the Friedrich Hayek Institute...all running around Tegucigalpa, Honduras?? It's not the latest "In-Spot" in a travel itinerary. It's Manifest Destiny time for the John Birch Society! or whatever the hell they want to call's.time to Buy a Country! and of all the neighboring States...Honduras is just the ripe one for the taking!
It's their practice run before the big one...on Nov 8th, 2016!!
The Nightmare Libertarian Project to Turn This Central American Country Into Ayn Rand's Paradise | Alternet

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