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Liberal Race Realism: Concepts and Conundrums

Posted on the 26 February 2015 by Calvinthedog

I founded a movement called Liberal Race Realism for liberals who believe in the reality of race. As you might guess, LRR has been a colossal flop. Almost no liberals have signed on, and the very concept has been savaged on the Left. This is because almost everyone who believes in race realism is a conservative/reactionary, and the number of liberals who believe that race is real is around 0%.

However, you can see on this blog there are some racists, even White nationalists, who take some surprisingly liberal positions on economics and social issues, so all is not lost.

The idea for the movement was that in the future, the reality of race will become more and more apparent in our society with each passing year and increasing percentages of people will start believing that race is real. I thought that as the race realist concept gained a foothold in society, liberals and Leftists would at some point have to have some sort of an answer to the Race Question on the matter of the reality of race.

It is assumed that as society embraces race realism, the very notion of it will inevitably drive people to the right, and any society that believes in race realism will inevitably be a conservative to reactionary society. Indeed, this is one reason why so many racists and HBD’ers push the subject: they figure that mass acceptance of race realism will mean the death of Liberalism and the Left once and for all as our raison d etre- equality – will lie shattered in the mud.

I am not so sure about that. At any rate, I think that in the future, the Liberal-Left will have to come up with some sort of positions as far as race realism goes as the nonsense of race denial cannot go on forever.

LRR would try to answer such questions as:

  1. What does the reality of race mean for the Left?
  2. Does the reality of race really mean the death of the Liberal-Left and permanent conservative-reactionary rule?
  3. What is the proper response of the Left to the reality of race?
  4. How does the reality of race impact the core Left project of equality?
  5. What is the proper political response of the Left to the reality of race?
  6. What effect will the reality of race have on US politics and how will the Left respond to such projects?
  7. What sort of proposals can the Left come up with that take into account the reality of race yet continue on logically with the core Left project?

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