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Letter of the Day: G for Gratitude

By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx

break the habit
A week or so ago we DVR’d the “Beyonce: Life is But a Dream” documentary, and I just got around to watching it yesterday.  If you haven’t seen it, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her & Jay-Z may be the hottest couple ever. I definitely got goose-bumps more than once while watching, and that rarely ever happens.

There is a part in the documentary where Beyonce is sitting on the edge of the boat floating in the middle of the ocean somewhere insanely pretty, and Jay-Z is filming her. She is sitting there, sans make-up, looking as pretty as ever- just talking about all the joy she feels, how blessed she is, and how grateful she is for all the good in her life. She than stands up and dives into the clearest water I’ve ever seen. I know it’s cheesy, but that was an eye-opener for me.

I already know all about The Secret, and how important it is to have a positive mindset and to have gratitude, yet it isn’t always the easiest practice to master. Life gets the best of us sometimes, and kicks us off track. The best way to get back on track? Stop complaining, stop whining, and just take a minute to pause and count your blessings. You choose where/who you want to be based on the energy you send out into the universe, so it only make sense that you will attract good things when you send out good vibes. Comprende?

Happy Friday, hope you enjoyed my ramblings.



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