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Letter from Rapey, Rapey India

Posted on the 29 March 2013 by Calvinthedog

A friend of mine was in India recently. I received email from her when she was there. She told me that the men were very aggressive, creepy and almost rapey. It was difficult to go outside because the men would all stare you down in an excessive, creepy, almost rapey way. In addition, the men were very aggressive sexually, always coming up to her, talking to her and basically obviously trying to pick up on her. The whole scene was so creepy and rapey that she actually dreaded going out. She is a 28 year old Asian-American, so it’s obvious that she is a foreigner.

At one point, I got an email from her telling me that she had almost gotten raped. She had met a couple of Indian men who were very nice and friendly. They invited her back to their place for dinner. She went along with them. They had a very pleasant meal and as it got later, she said she was tired.

They said, “Well, you are too tired to go home, so why don’t you stay here?” There was a huge bed, and they assured her that nothing sexual was going to happen. They would just leave her alone to sleep unmolested. She went along with it. Later that night, the two guys climbed into bed too. I am not sure if they were clothed or not. It was a huge bed, and there was plenty of room for three people. She was wearing a top and pants. They started bothering her. After a lot of cajoling, they convinced her to take her pants off so she was down to her panties. They also got her top off and she was down to her bra.

Then the men kept getting on top of her and trying to penetrate her sexually (not sure exactly how they were trying to do this). One would get on one side and try to penetrate her from the front while another would try to penetrate her from the back. They grabbed at her tits so hard that her breasts hurt for 3-4 days afterwards. They spent much of the night pestering her and trying to get her to have sex with them, but she refused.

I asked why she went along with them. Why had she removed her top and pants? Why hadn’t she left during the night as it was obvious what an uncomfortable scene was unfolding? She told me that she was scared of the guys. She said Indian men are very aggressive and dominant, and these guys were no exception. She had taken off her top and jeans due to fear. She had not left in the night due to fear. There were two of them and one of her, and it seemed safer to stay there than to leave. She told me that she was so scared of them that the just wanted to do everything they said except have sex with them.

I figure this is just Indian guys acting normally in India. It’s also possible that in Indian society, if a woman consents to share a bed with a man, she has consented to sex with them. It also seems as if Indian men regard Western women as “whores” and a prime target for sex, as many Indian women are not available for sex before marriage.

Further, many Indian men have little experience with women and hence behave very aggressively with them. I have noticed this online. Many women complained about the extreme aggressiveness of Indian men online and they told me that they hated all Indian men online.

I run a group for victims of Internet scams, and we used to have group chats. This Indian guy age 25 somehow weaseled his way in there, and he would get on his mike and start describing how he was jacking off now in a really creepy sexual voice. He also told everyone that he was virgin. All of the women absolutely hated this guy and said he was creepy as Hell, but his behavior is rather typical of clueless extreme horndog Indian guys on the Net.

It turns out that many females give in to sex with males out of sheer fear. I do not think it is acceptable to terrorize any female into having sex with you. You shouldn’t be getting sex with women because you have made yourself deliberately so scary that they are afraid to say no to you. I’ve never terrorized any female into having sex with me, and I’ve had tons of sex.

The behavior of these Indian guys was not ok at all. It’s frankly sexual assault. In the US, you don’t get to attack a woman all night long just because you want sex with her. It doesn’t even matter if she is in your bed. It is extremely rapey behavior, and it’s basically criminal, sorry.

You have a right to attack women, that is, grab them, kiss them, or whatever. If she responds positively, then the game is on. If she responds negatively or tells you to back off, at some point the game is off, and you need to give it up. I haven’t engaged in the sort of behavior these guys did ever in my life, and I’ve been around the block quite a bit. I always figured that if you have to pester her or continuously assault her until she gives in, it’s not even going to be worth it.

That said, no DA will press charges on this sort of thing in the US. It’s a date rapey thing, and date rape stuff hardly gets prosecuted. Further, no actual rape occurred, just a lot of assaulty sort of stuff. The cops would say, “Why did you stay with them? Why didn’t you leave?” Anyway, it is a He said, she said sort of thing and those cases almost never see the light of day.

In India, prosecuting a case like this would be hopeless. The cops would not come even if you called them. If they did, they would probably take the woman into custody and rape her themselves. India is probably one of the rapiest countries on Earth, maybe close to South Africa in the running.

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