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Letter from India

Posted on the 09 October 2013 by Calvinthedog

Just received another mail from an Indian Christian. The profound rage and hatred that these Indian Christians have towards Hindus is astounding. And apparently it is all due to the extreme abuse that majority Hindus have meted out to my fellow Christians in India.

The poster is correct. Hinduism is anti-Western and anti-Christian. And not in a good way either; more like in a bad way. The Hindu harkens back to an earlier, pagan, less evolved era of paganism and caste, two of the earliest features of many human religions (the Yezidis, one of the oldest religions known, have castes and I believe the Zoroastrians had caste too). They hate Christianity due to its universality and message of equality under one God.

The inferiority complex of the Hindu is obvious, as is the expected projection of this shame and self-hate out onto the others who point the fingers at the Hindu. In this way, the inferior Hindu becomes superior and the superior Christian becomes inferior. It’s Defense Mechanisms 101.

I had nothing against these people until I met some of them and learned what they were all about. I was appalled. Now I am basically blowing the whistle on them in hopes that others will catch on.

Robert Lindsay, your understanding of the Indian Hindu is astounding. I would go so far as to proclaim you a ‘whistleblower’ except you aren’t an insider to this barbaric people.

As someone who grew up in India, I can verify that India is a disaster waiting to happen. The Hindus suffer from such a powerful and deep-rooted self-hate (inferiority complex) that they have attempted to project the opposite in a vain attempt to try and convince younger generations that Indians are a superior race.

The Hindutva trolls on your blog have a predictable strategy for posting comments:

a) Pose as White European – preferably a White Christian name with an Anti-Christian message in the handle.

b) Praise India and the ‘tolerance’ of Hindus. LOL.

c) Divert the attention to Muslims – a very sneaky way of diverting attention from themselves. As you and several Europeans in the West have begun to realize – Hinduism is ANTI-WESTERN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. The only difference between Hindus and Muslims in this regard is that the Hindus lack the balls.

Indian Hindus believe that they can cleanse the land of all minority groups – a silly idea considering their Muslim population alone constitute the SECOND-LARGEST concentration anywhere in the world. It’s not just Indian Muslims who hate Hindus. Christians like me and other minorities (Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, you name it) also dislike Hindus. Not because we’re biased. It’s because we’ve lived among them and know how they think. They have poor morals (what can you expect when their religion has no moral structure or order). They believe in oppressing rather than freedom. They are SO insecure that they will go to extraordinary lengths to defend and defame rather than introspect and fix. The comments on this blog are an excellent example.

Hindus – There are Christians like me who have identified your true nature. We will pull you down. Not because of the persecution you’re meting out to Christians in India but because it is our duty to God and Humanity. You are an evil people and we will crush you in time. You have one more enemy now – we didn’t have any BEEF with you earlier.


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