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Letter from India

Posted on the 16 July 2015 by Calvinthedog

From the comments:

You are so right. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out here in ShitIndia. Penis holders are rapists and perverts; and cunts just look for the easy way out, which is to latch themselves to any available penis holder who is willing to possess and provide for them. It’s disgusting to see the way the masses, regardless of their monetary capability, mistreat people who don’t want to be like them. The social system is a mess and is focused on turning all females into prostitutes. Anyone who tries to break from the mold is tortured and harassed incessantly. It might have been better if they hadn’t created ShitIndia.

I am constantly accused of being “racist” towards Indians, which is laughable. I hate Indian culture. Why? Because it sucks. It really, really, really sucks. It especially sucks if you are any sort of a progressive person. I suppose Republicans think the place is paradise, after all, India is pretty much a Republican Party/Libertarian/Ayn Rand dreamworld.

In fact, I think Indian culture is so awful that most people coming out of that culture are damaged by it. The culture is so bad that it turns many to most Indians into lousy human beings. Now why is that a racist statement? Isn’t it possible that there are cultures on Earth that suck? Isn’t it possible that most people growing up in a lousy culture are going to be poisoned by that culture and are going to turn into lousy human beings?

Now you see the sheer, utter, rabid, batshit crazy nature of modern antiracism. According to Modern Antiracism, we cannot attack any culture anywhere on the face of the Earth. To do so is “racist.” Apparently all cultures have equal value, except White people, who are uniquely evil. All Third World people are wonderful human beings who exemplify all the glorious progressive attitudes of the SJW idiots.

To criticize any people on Earth (except White people) is racism. To criticize any culture on Earth (except White culture) is racism. As you might expect, members of the backwards, retrograde, barbaric, and primitive cultures on Earth who rejoice in their backwardness have sought refuge in Cultural Marxism, as the Cultural Marxists, in their sheer utter idiocy, end up defending to the most backwards, regressive, reactionary, uncivilized, barbaric and primitive cultures on Earth on the grounds of “antiracism.”

That is, to criticize these cultural reactionary monstrosities is “racism” and hence forbidden. Hence we have a marriage of the worst elements of the Third World and the Cultural Marxists. If we criticize any aspect of the most backwards and reprehensible cultures on Earth, members of this culture who revel in the primitive nature scream “racism.” The Cultural Marxist morons run cover for the most reactionary nightmarish cultures on Earth when they brand any criticism of these cultures as “racism.”

Modern antiracism belongs in the toilet along with its adherents. No sane let alone progressive person should support this insane movement.

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