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Lets Talk About Fitness: Things I Learnt From My First 5km Race

By Threadandbutter @threadandbutter
Lets Talk About Fitness: Things I Learnt From My First 5km RaceThe second installment of Let's Talk About Fitness is going to be all about my recent 5km race. I know running 5km is only a small feat to some but it was my first official race and eased me into organised running events. It's safe to say I absolutely loved it and will definitely be keeping my eye out for more in the future. I took part in the Votwo Glow Night Run around Southampton Common which yes, you've guessed it took part after dark. I felt surprisingly nervous before the race as I had roped my mum, grandma and aunty into braving the dark to cheer us on. I thought I would share some of the things I learnt:
1. Firstly, you CAN do it -  I would be lying if I said I had eaten well and abstained from alcohol the week before. I was a little worried this would affect my performance on the day but it's surprising the inner strength your body has and the ability to compensate. I obviously wouldn't recommend this all the time, but on the occasion that you do slip. Don't be too harsh on yourself. 
2.  Running after dark? Use a head torch - When I read this on the race instructions I thought "Oh, that must just be for serious/experienced runners". I packed a head torch just in case and wow it definitely wasn't a mistake. Courses obviously will vary but I found myself running through dark woodland and my light was a god send.  
3. Make a playlist - This one is mainly so you can't hear the panting noises you make as you cover the distance. Aside from this, I do also find that music really gives me motivation and provides that extra boost when you feel yourself starting to dip. 
4. Wear something comfortable - Earlier in the day before the race I purchased the GapFit gFast Cufffed Leggings and they really helped me keep me warm. I love that they have an amazing thick waist band which really keeps you sucked in. Recently, if I have to leave the house or wearing my polka dot silk pj's is simply not acceptable, chances are I will be wearing these.
My next planned race is the APB Southampton 10km which at the moment is absolutely petrifying me. 10km is a distance that I have never run before so I really need to kick my training up gear! 

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