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Lets Get Healthy

By Lollicious @lollicious
Lets get healthy Source { }   Its now been 13 weeks since our little angel entered the World and its about time I started to look after myself and start to get healthy again. I'm not going to call this weight loss rather changing gears back to my healthy pre-pregnancy lifestyle.   Baby steps back to healthy me...
  • Stocking the house with healthy nutritious snacks
  • Using my Fitbit Buy yours here , to monitor my daily stats and keep me motivated
  • Calorie counting  so I know what I am eating. ( i use Myfitnesspal app on my iphone)
  • Meal planning, we do this on Sunday before our grocery shop so I have all the healthy ingredients and don't have to pop down to the shop, and be tempted by naughty foods
  • Schedule in exercise so it happens
  • Mindset, its time to get serious and get my head back into healthy living...
  • Following the 12WBT program to help keep me motivated, on track and following the right path
I cant wait.. Have you changed your lifestyle? do you have any tips??

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