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Lets Avoid This Post! Its About Death!

Posted on the 19 December 2011 by Medicalminds @Sarina_Med

Death as defined is the irreversible cessation of three vital functions of the body, namely the cardiovascular, respiratory and central nervous system (or Heart, Lungs and Brain). These three systems are also known as the tripod of life.

2011 is full of happenings. Many people got married; many found true love and amidst all that many dictators died as well like Kim Jong, Khaddafi  and Osama Bin Laden.

Doctors view death as a process. A doctor takes many precautions while diagnosing death. He or she has to be a registered medical practitioner for a period of five years. If a doctor has doubts about the death, he can take a consult from other doctors who are equally qualified. If the doctors suspect foul play or unnatural death due to malpractice or poison then the next action is to immediately inform the authorities

Death is already a big event. But it is further classified into to somatic death and molecular death. During the somatic death organs like cornea, heart, lungs etc can be transplanted. Even after the cessation of the function of the heart, it is believed that these organs will be viable after some time.

During the molecular death, cells that make organs eventually die by a process called autolysis. In which the cells own enzymes causes destruction, it’s also called suicidal attempt of the cells.

Certain tests such as feather test where a feather is placed in front of the nostril of the patient to check if any respiration is going on. Other tests like gag reflex is checked, by placing any instrument in the throat to check if the person violently coughs. Cold ice water is poured into the ears to check for any reflexes and the core body temperature is measured, usually it is below normal.

Death is a big subject. To study the mode of death in people is known as Thanatology. When you have to visualize it on an everyday basis, it just becomes a part of our life. It’s painful and we feel the pain as well but we hide it. We have to be the stronger one!

Cherish each moment that life offers people!

Lets Avoid This Post! Its about Death!

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