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Let's Go Space Jam 2 "VS" Space Jam

Posted on the 16 August 2021 by Renee Mcdonald
Let's Space

So let's go there with the original "Space Jam Vs  Space Jam 2" because I'm part of the generation that was able to see and appreciate the original Space Jam that featured one of the most Prominent Basketball Players of his time the One and Only flight man himself Micheal Jordan. Now don't get me wrong I've recently watched both versions of Space Jam back to back and the new version featuring "King James" is of his own caliber.

Let's Space

 I've been a busy bee hearing the buzz as some people feel as though Warner Bros should have left Space Jam as it was with people asking " Why mess with perfection?" And asking questions "Like did we really need a Space Jam 2? And did LeBron bring that originality, like Jordan did in the original Space Jam?" And honestly, the reviews are mixed.

I can't lie LaBron James really took a chance playing that role behind Jordan 15 yrs later and I don't even think it was about Jordan when it comes to Space Jam2 I think it was that Space Jam was perfected and didn't need a second part yet you know the motto " money talk and bullcrap walks." None the less Space Jam 2 is of its time and I don't feel as though the two movies " part 2" can be compared to each other. I think part 2 is of its generation and that's what makes it unique despite some people calling the movie a flop. 

Then let's not forget when Micheal Jordan played in the original Space Jam movie unlike flexing like Paramount Pictures did in Space Jam2 with almost if not every character they've ever had making a cameo in Space Jam2  Warner Bros played a Strong hand in 1996 by incorporating the Looney Tunes into the Space Jam because in the 90's Looney Tunes apparel was trending and popular. Remember Lot29 and Ice Berg clothing?!  

Let's Space
And don't even get me started about Space Jam: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture and its All-Star list of Artists who was featured on it from R.Kelly "I believe I can fly," Monica " For You I Will" Seal "Fly Like A Eagle" etc. The original Space Jam soundtrack doesn't even come close to being compared to Space Jam 2 soundtrack. There's no competition between the two when it comes to the soundtracks because hands down the Original Space Jam soundtrack Reigns Supreme! 

Moreover, that leads me to Coming to America

Let's Space
And how it had me asking the same questions people were asking about Space Jam 2...Like all these years later did we really need a part 2 of Coming to America? I mean Coming to America itself was a classic on its own with "Soul Glo, Sexual Chocolate " and "The MacDowells" those scenes and characters along with the whole cast and script had me ROTF LMAO as a little girl, Eddie Murphy was just genius for that movie and when watching Coming to America 2 it just doesn't seem to hold the same Weight as the 1st Coming To America does as well as did yet then again I do understand it's not of my time but more so of today's generation and to them part 2 of Coming to America will be the classic of their time. I'm just grateful that my generation had the Best versions of both movies plus soundtracks and that I'm able to compare the two from then until now...Lol So I close with the ball in your court... As I ask your thoughts on the sequels Space Jam2 and Coming to America 2 along with the soundtracks for both movies.

Until Next Time "Power Up!" ;.)

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