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Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!

Posted on the 22 September 2021 by Renee Mcdonald

 So As DJ Khalid Would Say We Have "Another One!" 

    Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!Another Hot artist that is, that has dropped some new music in the past week. Three weeks ago Drake dropped "Official Lover Boy" leaving a lot of us with our devices on repeat and last week Ms. Chloe Bailey dropped her first solo, titled " Have Mercy" and it's already hit over 14 million views.  Now some may know Chloe from her performing with her sister Halle as a music duo along with the roles they play on the hit show " Grownish" but now the two sisters have somewhat branched off and are doing their own independent projects. 
Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!Nonetheless, I couldn't wait to see what all the hype was about when it came to her new video, so as soon I got the chance I watched it and was blown away by her performance in her video. She's embraced herself a lot more than before being less modest as far as sex appeal, unlike a few months ago when she went on IG defending herself against haters for her newfound love and acceptance for her body. Watching her new video had me like " Is This the same Chloe Bailey?! LolAs I continued to watch the video I noticed Chloe portrayed herself as Medusa but that wasn't the first time she's taken on the Medusa persona. So, who was Medusa, and why is Chloe Bailey compared to this Greek Gorgon.Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!So Medusa represents philosophy, beauty, and art which also describes Chloe Bailey. Yet, then again the legend tells of Medusa once being a beautiful, avowed priestess who was cursed for breaking her vow to celibacy, and when looking at her new video "Have Mercy" it makes it look like Chloe is far from being out of touch with her sexuality, turning guys into stone and all. Medusa also symbolizes erotic desire, which erotic desire is displayed all throughout that video displaying Chloe as an attractive yet dangerous woman. 

Moreover according to symbolsage.com

"Modern powerful women have proudly worn a head full of snakes to depict power, sexuality, and the acknowledgment of their emerging role in society and politics. Some of the most famous female names have been associated with the image of Medusa, including Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey, and Condoleezza Rice."   

Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!
Therefore, after doing a little digging on Medusa I can see why the industry keeps projecting Chloe as Medusa as she's a talented young woman with a high level of sex appeal that surely catches the opposite sex eye, so be careful guys because she turning yall into stone...Lol She's also beautiful and philosophical when it comes to her existence in the place, she's in right now in the arts. So with that being said may she continue to climb the ladder of success as she embarks on her new solo career as the renowned Chole Bailey. 
Chloe Bailey, Medusa?!

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