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Certified Lover Boy?!

Posted on the 08 September 2021 by Renee Mcdonald

 Drake's new album "Certified Lover Boy" is Poppin! None other than the Lover Boy himself dropped his new album this past week and it's blowing up speakers everywhere...Got that "Hotline Bling."

Certified Lover Boy?!

Certified Lover Boy has not disappointed as the wait was worth this sixth album. The album doesn't just have dope lyrics but dope beats as well as I have some on the tracks on repeat just for the beat alone, as they have me asking "Who Made The Beats?!"

 He has a host of featured artists that also brings the fire from Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Giveon, Future, Jay-Z to a host of others that sends this album to its peak, no Drake didn't make this wave alone.  

  I'm already holding conversations with people about their thoughts on the album as we discuss our favorite tracks. And honestly, the whole album goes not just one track. But of course, everyone has that one track or two that they just gravitate, connect with, and vibe out to while listening to this joint. 

Certified Lover Boy?!
Moreover, this sixth album doesn't just spark conversation because of how it didn't disappoint but also because of the album cover which displays rows of pregnant women, which has people questioning the meaning behind it. He also has a track on his album called "Papi" which on this tracks The Lover Boy  says "To All My Sons Worldwide." Having people ask "what does Drake mean by that verse?" The funny thing is there are so many speculations and questions being asked about the album cover I can't cover them all \'.'/

Then you have other people asking does the album cover express the notion that Drake has had multiple women pregnant worldwide? As we should all know by now there is always a hidden message when it comes to these types of things...Lol We just have to wait and see will Drake speak on it. 

Certified Lover Boy?!

Nonetheless, if you haven't heard "Certified Lover Boy" yet do yourself a favor and check it out so you can catch that wave and feel the heat that everyone else is feeling right now before the end of Summer. Ijs ;.p  

P.S. For Those Who Listen From A Desktop or Laptop You'll Get To Hear The Music Playing Which Gets Changed Every Week.  

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