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Leopard Soldier

By Nuttercouture23 @AnikaLovelace
Leopard SoldierLeopard Soldier
Leopard SoldierLeopard SoldierLeopard SoldierLeopard SoldierLeopard SoldierLeopard Soldier                                      (source: we <3 it)
                                ( cavalry coat - Skandal, Levi's jeans, Roberto boots, David Jones bag, H&M baenie)
When it comes to an animal pattern prints, I'm such a big freak!!! I love everything about it, but of course, in smart dose, otherwise - you get ~two-bit look~ but in the bad way, I mean. This coat was waiting for it's turn, and it's turn was today afternoon, when I went to shop store with mom. We are going off to Ljubljana (capital of Slovenia) tomorrow, so we need some necessary things for the trip there and back.
Speaking about this cavalry coat, I like it and it's for me very special because it's sewn like military combat coat, with cufflinks, Russian collar and buttons. Now the Status Quo's  son You're in the army now came to my mind, bwah, nut no, I'm not gonna join the army, no thanks!!! Gonna have a drink with my gals and then going  to pack for the trip tomorrow,  need to find my passport firstly...Blonde bimbo lost it!!!

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