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Leona Love It ...

Posted on the 22 August 2012 by Tlb Music Blog @TLB_Blog

I don't think there's ever been a point in my life where I've declared my love for any song that Leona Lewis has made ... so when I heard that she'd released something new, my hastiness was unsurprising. On the contrary though, Emeli Sande, who, I believe, is back at the top of the chart with her debut album has been one of the most exciting new female, solo-acts to emerge. When the shock of Leona's new single being brilliant had surpassed, I ventured and researched a little further and found that, indeed, the two had been working together ... very well.
 Trouble, which also features a stint from Childish Gambino, sees Leona open on a down-trodden piano and high pitched vocal ... she declares that the person she is singing to "drinks more than you used to. Fell in love, how could you?". After finishing this opening, which has some likenesses to Emeli, she really opens up and brings forth the blatancy of Emeli Sande's help ... but I absolutely love it.
The whole song, from the deeply concerning music, filled with Violins and dustiness, to the way in which the vocal hooks come about, has Emeli's name written all over it, but with Leona's magical tone to back it all up (even though Emeli would surely be able to herself).
The theme behind it all reminds me of Daddy, quite obviously by Emeli herself, and wonder if this could be a track that stemmed from the same thoughts and themes, but never made Our Version Of Events. The lyrics "I'm A Whole Lot Of Trouble" particularly stand out in this comparison and the undertone of misery-pop definitely contributes.
Childish Gambino's part is even well placed and complements Leona's voice ... when they briefly collide (excuse the pun), within the song, they just touch and collaborate fantastically.
I'm happy to hear that Emeli Sande is making waves in the music world once again since her fantastic album hit the shelves, she is a pure talent and is the unsung hero behind this triumph.
Leona Lewis - Trouble (feat. Childish Gambino) by Meltingpop
The start of an adoration for Leona Lewis? Only if she can keep this up or collaborate solely with Emeli Sande for the rest of her life/career ... I can hope.

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