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University Alabama Stonewalling Victims' Families Lawsuit Over Bishop Shootings Paperblog Pick in Legal

University of Alabama Is Stonewalling Victims' Families In Lawsuit Over Amy Bishop Shootings

Amy BishopHere is a maxim I've learned in roughly 12 years of fighting corruption in our broken justice system: If a party in a lawsuit drags its feet on turning over documents in... Read more

Riley's "Sordid" Affair Casts Ironic Light Efforts Deny Liquor License VictoryLand Paperblog Pick in Legal

Rob Riley's "Sordid" Affair Casts An Ironic Light On Efforts To Deny A Liquor License At VictoryLand

VictoryLandLife in postmodern Alabama is filled with irony. For proof, consider two major news stories that broke last week.On Wednesday, allies of former Governor Bob Riley... Read more



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