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Lebron James Passes Kobe for Number One Jersey

By Mixtapekid45

This was an interesting story because firstly i had no idea that Kobe was number one in Jersey sales since the start of the 2008-2009 season. Also the fact how Lebron can have absolutely no class and character and rise to the top of the jersey list.
It just does not make sense to me after his recent incident where he threw the ball at Jermaine O'Neal and, where he did not show up to warm ups to the Cleveland Cavilers game.
I would never say that he is not talented or a great player, but someone like Rajon Rondo who is third would be much more deserving. He has never been called into question regarding his character and plays the game the right way- something Lebron James does not do.
What are your thoughts? is Lebron Deserving of this Honor?
Some videos of his antics this year
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