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Lebron James Bathroom Break

By Mixtapekid45
Lebron James Bathroom
Lebron Made his second trip to back to Cleveland, This time was much more eventful than the last. Like any other game their is always pregame introductions where players are introduced to the fans.
But, last night was a little different when Lebron James name was called he was no where to be found. After the game when he was asked where he was he said. "I was just using the restroom. Am I allowed to do that?".
Yes you are Lebron, but i don't remember the last time. Any athlete of any sport missed pregame introductions when he was in the building because he had to use the bathroom.
Is it a cocindence that he would miss pregame introductions at Cleveland opposed to any other city? I don't think so he clearly did not want to get booed and torn apart by Cleveland fans.
I will never say that Lebron is not an amazing talented and skilled player. But, he is probably the least professorial basketball player in the NBA. In the way he projects himself and his overall image.
If any one did something like this in the business world they would be ashamed. It reflects badly upon them, the organization, and just everyone who works in the organization.
Lebron is now 26 and has been in the league for 8 years. Its pretty pathetic that if you been in the league this long you do not know how to act as a consummate professorial. Instead he acts like a child caring all about himself.

What do you think about Lebron? Does he need to grow up?
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