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Learn How to Be a Green Traveler

By T_mackinnon @tedmackinnon

Tourism is great for any destination, and many countries depend on tourists to generate necessary capital to help keep the country going. But when too many tourists come to one area, they can upset the environment and cause lasting damage not only to it, but to its culture as well, something that most people never consider.

travel gren airplane Learn How to be a Green Traveler
To counteract this possibility, the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development has come up with a program known as Sustainable Tourism. Sustainable Tourism reduces the number of tourists to certain high traffic areas to ensure that such areas will be around for future generations to enjoy. Environmental integrity, economic development and social justice are its main objectives.

Green travel combines a list of eco-friendly reminders, tips and strategies with Sustainable Tourism to encourage travelers to become acquainted with the cultures and environments of places they plan to visit to prevent such areas from being damaged or destroyed. The unintentional environmental damage that might be done through ignorance could have a devastating effect on the indigenous people of the area. Just as we consider the environment where we live, we must also consider it in the places we visit.

mount rushmore Learn How to be a Green Traveler
There are a number of tips to consider when becoming a green traveler. These include hiring local guides to help you see the area, staying at a local hotel instead of a franchised chain, supporting the local businesses and adapting yourself to the local lifestyle. Many places do not have the amenities to which we are accustomed and their environment may not lend itself to them. Instead of driving a car everywhere, perhaps a bicycle is better. Staying cool in a pool of water, not in the air conditioning might be the correct green choice. Choosing to try to assimilate into the environment and culture of the places you visit will convey the message that you respect the area and its residents.

Becoming a green traveler only requires an adjustment in thinking and using common sense. Keeping the beautiful parts of the earth beautiful is a gift we give not only to ourselves but also to the generations that follow. Being a green traveler is simply an extension of being conscious and caring of the world around us. Being aware of the consequences of all of our actions on the environment no matter where we are, will lead us to be the kind of traveler that will be welcomed anywhere, any time.

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