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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Three

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
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Day Three-16.05.2012
As I have not completed my home work (writing all the resultant letters of combination of Main Letters 1 & 2, five times), wrote the same in class. The teacher told to complete them first and shall move to the next.So friends, first complete all the home works before moving to next day's posts.!!!    ????And an important think learnt on the third day in the combination of letters is, there is no resultant letter for the combination of 'ॠ' and 'ल'Have a look at the video for more clarity.This is for the day. My fingers were in pain since I wrote lot of pages as home work. It is necessary to learn writing and memorizing with home works. Say and write and one more thing try to bring the letters in your mind and write rather than to see and write.Velsposted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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