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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8
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DAY SIX - 19.05.2012Welcome friendsI hope you all have enough knowledge to read Hindi Letters now. If not, better, try to revise the earlier posts and proceed further.Shall we move to the lessons now.RECAP

  • Basic Hindi Letters (Vowels and Consonants)
  • Combination of Vowels and Consonants
  • Exceptions in Combo
  • Rule of Writing
  • Practice of writing
The above are the summary of our recent activities in learning Hindi. 

Let us see now, the words that are being used in Lesson 1 with their meanings.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


The above words are coming in the Lesson 1 below. Practice each lesson by reading and writing separately. It would help to improve your memory as well as the hand writing.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


At least write once to memorize the words and their meaning!

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


After you have enough confident on yourself, you shall move to the next lesson. You can understand how simple and useful it is!

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


The above picture introduces more words that would be used in Lesson 2. Practice twice to memorize.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


I was being instructed to complete lessons 3 & 4 in home. Let us see it in day after tomorrow's post (i.e., Day Seven).

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Six


Even though it is Saturday and I went to class mistakenly, the teacher attended me and taught for the day and instructed to complete up to lessons 4 in home.
Minimum Human courtesy leads the world against anything (whether Perfection or Corruption)
So, friends! practice the lessons thoroughly! I could not ask any questions to verify your learning! but remember to withstand up to your potentials!Have a nice weekendVelsposted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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