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Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven

By Velsprim8 @velsprim8

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DAY SEVEN - 21.05.2012

Welcome friends
First of all sorry for the long gap. It is due to increased speed in studying, practicing the language. In actual, it is 13th day of my study course. I would be giving you the posts as it is (i.e., 6 days lagging). Kindly bear with me.

Some useful hintsIn a sentence, when Noun isमैं (I/my/me)  -हूँ would be coming in the end.तुम (You)  -हो would be coming in the end.वह,यह (He/She/It)  -है would be coming in the end.हम (We/Our/Ours)  -हैं would be coming in the end.वे,ये (They/Their/Them)  -हैं would be coming in the end.and the symbol '!' is a full stop in a sentence.Keeping it in mind, let us move to the next lesson.


Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


The above words are some new words coming in the following lesson. In all these meaning pages, there exists some examples of question and answers related to that lesson in the end. Try to read them and translate them in your own language.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


The above lesson is translated in my mother tongue- Tamil and request you to try it in your own mother tongue.


Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


These Lessons 3 & 4 are done in home and got corrected on the day for new learning

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


After writing and reading these two lessons, have a look at the following rules about Command Sentences. It would be useful for you in the upcoming lessons.

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven

Command Sentence

In commanding sentences,When we speak with elder people, addverb + इयेEx: Verb: जा (go)Sentence: आप जा  +  इये  (जाईये)

When we speak with younger people, addverb + Ex: Verb: जा (go)Sentence: तुम  जा  +    (जाओ)Meaning of मत-don'tSentence: तुम मत जाओ (you don't go)

There are some exceptions as always and they are

Learn Hindi with Vel Day Seven


For the following four verbs, the command sentence-verb would be different as below.                    younger                    eldergive  -   दे      दे+ओ= दो         दे+इये=  दीजियेtake  -  ले      ले+ओ= लो        ले+इये= लीजियेdrink -  पी      पी+ओ= पी     पी+इये=  पीजिये  do    -  कर     कर+ओ= पी    कर+इये= कीजिये

All the best friends. Hope You would understand the load in subject which delayed my posts in time.Practice up to your satisfaction that you have confident on yourself.You could realize, how easy is the language- Hindi.See you on the next post- Day EightRegardsVelmuruganposted by: vels / http://www.velsprim8.blogspot.comPosted by Vels

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